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Current Affairs India 2015 Questions

Important Current affairs in India and the world for your competitive exams preparation. Take current affairs test & download free PDF


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Get instant updates on upcoming competitive exams 2015-16 and job alerts for the recruitment of various posts given by SSC, UPSC, TNPSC, RRB, IBPS, Banks and PSU’s in India.

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New'10 Words of the Week

  • Archaic

    Meaning: (adj) very old or old fashioned

    Sentence: The institute was run in an archaic way.

  • No-brainer

    Meaning: (noun) something that requires little or no mental effort

    Sentence: Today's exam was a no-brainier

  • Rescind

    Meaning: (verb) revoke, cancel or repeal (a law, order or agreement)

    Sentence: The Government rescinded the directive based on the poll results.

  • Clout

    Meaning: (noun) a heavy blow with hand or a hard object

    Sentence: A strong clout on his ears is all he needs to make him write that article.

  • Lynchpin

    Meaning: (noun) a vital person or thing in an organization

    Sentence: My mother was the lynchpin for my family.

  • Rapport

    Meaning: a close and harmonious relationship in which two persons or groups concerned understand each other's feelings and communicate well

    Sentence: The teacher should establish a good rapport with the students.

  • Conflate

    Meaning: (verb) combine (two or more ideas or texts) into one

    Sentence: The urban crisis conflates a number of different economic Nd social situation.

  • Specious

    Meaning:(adj) misleading in appearance, misleadingly attractive

    Sentence: Balaji has been making specious arguments.

  • Travesty

    Meaning: (noun) a false, absurd or distorted representation of something

    Sentence: The judgement was just a travesty of real thing.

  • Yearn

    Meaning: (verb) have an intense feeling of longing for something

    Sentence: I was yearning to read his novel.

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