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Current Affairs India 2015 Questions

Important Current affairs in India and the world for your competitive exams preparation. Take current affairs test & download free PDF


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Current Affairs Today

  • Nuclear ambiguities

    Topics : Energy and Resources

    India’s nuclear politics was in the limelight again last week, and not for the best of reasons. More than five years after it signed the Convention on Supplementary Compensation (CSC), India ratified the insurance pooling agreement, which pertains to civil liability in the event of a nuclear accident in any of the acceding countries. (more…)

  • Harbinger of change in global trade

    Topics : Economy

    The formal signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by the 12 member-countries of the mega-regional free trade agreement is a milestone for international trade and, by extension, the global economy. With worldwide trade having slowed sharply since the 2008 financial crisis and now faced with headwinds from China’s slowdown, the deal, yet to be ratified, could provide a much-needed fillip to growth. (more…)

  • Schooling without learning

    Topics : Education

    The Right to Education Act needs to be focussed back to its core intent instead of allowing the authorities to impose extraneous conditions on schools


  • Taking pride in prejudice

    Topics : Society

    When racism plays out in subtle ways in everyday life, it doesn’t provoke debate. It is only when it takes a violent turn, as it did in Bengaluru, that we are forced to address it


  • Fertiliser Industry is best candidate for direct benefit transfer

    Topics : Economy

    There is a need to increase the urea price by at least 15 per cent. The current selling price of urea which is highly subsidised is almost one-fourth the world price. There is a potential over the next four years to increase urea price every year gradually so that the subsidy levels are reduced. (more…)

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Current Affairs for Bank Exams

Current Affairs for Bank Exams(06-02-2016)&(07-02-2016)

1. National Organic Farming Research Institute will be set up by Union Government in– Sikkim

2. Where did the 12th South Asian Games inaugurated – Guwahati

3. Name the NASA Astronaut who has passed away - Edgar Mitchell

4. In a first, NDRF trains 160 dogs for disaster response

5. International Fleet Review 2016 kick starts in Vizag

6. Sushma Swaraj inaugurated Rise of Digital India Exhibition in Colombo

7. Project Sunrise launched for prevention of AIDS in NE states

New'10 Words of the Week

  • Culpable

    Meaning: (adj) Blameworthy

    Sentence: The person who encourages another to commit a crime is as culpable as a person who is committing the crime.

  • Sectarian

    Meaning: (adj) denoting or concerning a particular sect or sects.

    Sentence: Even to this day, sectarian differences affect the political views deeply.

  • Intrepid

    Meaning: (adj) Fearless

    Sentence: Escaping from the prison is an intrepid action.

  • Eponymous

    Meaning: (adj) Named after a particular person.

    Sentence: Most of the cutleries are eponymous of famous chefs and cooks in reality shows.

  • Inherent

    Meaning: (adj) existing from birth

    Sentence: Driving without a helmet has some inherent dangers associated with it.

  • Subterfuge

    Meaning: (noun) a tricky action or device

    Sentence: She employed a very clever subterfuge to get the information she needed.

  • Intransigence

    Meaning: (noun) Stubbornness

    Sentence: The ban on porn in India was a display of Intransigence, according to some people

  • Conflate

    Meaning: (verb) confuse or combine into a whole

    Sentence: We never know what caused Anushka Sharma to conflate one person from another in her tweets.

  • Sovereignty

    Meaning: (noun) Supreme power or authority.

    Sentence: Ukraine will not settle its conflicts with Russia until it regains full sovereignty over crimes.

  • Indict

    Meaning: (verb) formally accuse of or charge with serious crime

    Sentence: The former CEO of the company was indicted for harassment.

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